Gilding the Lily: Another Supercar Reveal


First we heard the shouts about the McLaren MP4-12C, and the Mercedes SLS AMG made its own splash less than a day later. Apparently, Lamborghini has had enough of not being in the limelight. Ahead of its Frankfurt debut, the Italian supercar stalwart has revealed its own shots (or had them revealed despite their efforts — still unclear) of the new Reventon Roadster.

The scoop on the new drop-top (following the coupe’s debut two years after the 2007 Frankfurt show): Only 20 of the machines will be made next year, at a cost of $1.67 million each; that buys you, at the very least, the same massive 6.7-liter V12 engine found under the hood of the Murcielago.

Funny aside: About two years ago I got a desperate call from the Web editor of Popular Science; she said, essentially, that one of her car writers assigned to the Reventon press reveal had to duck out, and could she put me on a plane to Italy that afternoon in order to test-drive the new Lambo the next day? Sadly, I was on deadline for another project, and had to decline (despite every instinct telling me I should drop the conflicting assignment). I’ve regretted it ever since. The moral of the story is: Never say no to someone offering you a free trip to Italy to drive the newest supercar from Lamborghini.


~ by Rithy Pheath on 12/17/2010.

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