Nissan Gets Inline

16_1753_20091008222552_Nissan Land Glider

Three wheel vehicles have gotten some attention recently, but they’re not the only examples of rethinking how a car should look (and drive): Nissan will showcase its Land Glider concept in Tokyo, which proves that conceptual mash-ups that fuse cars and motorcycles are not relegated only to tri-cycle territory.

Rather than a side-to-side arrangement, favored by two-seat sports cars everywhere, the Land Glider puts passengers in a front-and-back arrangement, like a cockpit — or a tandem bicycle. And a cycle (though of the motor variety) is what comes to mind when you see pictures of the Land Glider negotiating a turn: The thing leans more like a Triumph than a Titan. As an electric vehicle, it also promises immediately available torque which makes it interesting to think about taking one for a spin — yes, it looks kind of goofy, but the thing would probably be a blast to drive.

Nissan seems to be banking on that selling point, plus the half-width size compared to regular cars, to appeal to urban drivers. As Gizmag points out in its article, Nissan’s press release seems to make serious overtures towards getting these things onto lots. And why not? The electric’s torque off the line and leaning capabilities suggest the pure rush of a motorcycle, but the fully enclosed canopy and 4-wheel familiarity at least give the suggestion of safety. What’s not to love?



~ by Rithy Pheath on 08/27/2010.

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