21 to 2NE1, YG Copied a Group’s Name?


YG Entertainment explained their side of the story over the 21 shock.

YG Entertainment expressed, “We recently announced that the girl Big Bang group would be called 21, as in to anyone. However, it was found that there was already a male singer that had debuted in 2005 with the name To Anyone. Honestly, we had no idea that someone had already debuted under this name.” Yang Hyun Suk clarified that “When 21 appeared on tv, the subtitles even put the name as 2NE1. In their debut album, there is even a song called 2NE1 and this was a decision that was made before all the criticism.”

He revealed that “YG’s girl group was planning on being introduced as 2NE1 formally before their debut album went on sale, but we ended up announcing it because of this development. Therefore, we hope that there is no misunderstanding about this mishap.” On this day, Yang Hyun Suk went into detail saying “2NE1 was supposed to mean ‘to anyone’. However, there are other meanings besides that one in that name. Since there is already someone using 21 (to anyone), we will no longer use that meaning.” Hm, maybe they’re hinting at a certain legal age because that will certainly draw the attention of pedophiles male fans.


In reality, 2NE1 was also linked to the meanings “always fresh and willing to take chances like 21-year-olds and a group that will never lose to anyone (like blackjack)“.

2NE1’s members include Sandara Park who was popular in the Philippines, Park Bom who became known after filming a commercial with Lee Hyori, Gong Minji who is grand daughter of famous dance artiste Gong Ok Jin, and CL who is known for her outstanding talent and also carries the name of leader for the group. The album will officially go on sale early May and Lollipop is already drawing a lot of attention. Lick that lollipop girls!

For those of you who don’t know who To Anyone is…which is all of you;20090330_toanyone

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~ by Rithy Pheath on 12/26/2009.

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