[Scholarship] The 40th St. Gallen Symposium, Entrepreneurs – Agents of Change

Topic of the 40th St. Gallen Symposium

Entrepreneurs – Agents of Change

The 40th St. Gallen Symposium centres on entrepreneurial individuals and their potential, and also on the energy that drives them to innovate. The topic “Entrepreneurs – Agents of Change” will place the individual at the centre of the debate at a time of controversy over the creative influence of individual players in business and politics and contention about the legal and moral limits to individual responsibility. According to Schumpeter an entrepreneur is someone who uses innovation to create something new from what already exists. Entrepreneurial activity mirrors the dynamics not only of the market-economic order but also of progress and change. Entrepreneurial action is thus widely seen as a hopeful formula for overcoming crises: where others see decline and darkness, entrepreneurial thinkers see new chances and opportunities. Moreover, the entrepreneurial concept provides a screen for projecting the relationship between business and politics, which in the wake of the financial and economic crisis is under strain. The entrepreneur in the classical sense is often seen as a ray of hope for a new form of dialogue between business, politics and society. That broadens the scope way beyond the narrow understanding of the entrepreneur as a purely economic actor. Accordingly, discussion at the symposium will not merely focus on the entrepreneur in the business sense; it will also include people who feel themselves compelled to adhere to the concept of permanent innovation and “creative destruction“ in the most varied areas of life.

As the world’s leading platform for dialogue on key issues in management, the entrepreneurial environment and the interfaces between business, politics and society, the St. Gallen Symposium provides an opportunity for open and constructive discussions on the fundamental challenges faced by businesses and societies across the world. The event brings together an international group of participants: 600 prominent decision-makers from the fields of business, academia, politics and society, over 200 Leaders of Tomorrow, specially selected to participate in the St. Gallen Symposium, and leading representatives of the world media.

The 40th St. Gallen Symposium will take place from 6–7 May 2010 at the University of St. Gallen. The topic of the upcoming symposium is “Entrepreneurs Agents of Change”.

Deadline: 1 February 2010 (date of postmark)

Application: http://www.stgallen-symposium.org/index.htm

The detailed subareas:

How I did it – the background of story

On a personal level, each entrepreneur will look back on a career marked by individual experiences. He recognizes the opportunities offered by entrepreneurial action, and also their consequences; he is familiar with the success and failure of entrepreneurial ideas. Individual stories provide a glimpse of a variety of entrepreneurial strategies over and above the usual theories and recommendations.

The push from below

A younger generation of entrepreneurs is up and coming who are still reeling from the last decade. The New Economy, the Dotcom Hype, and most recently the economic crisis, have left a deep impression and are once again challenging them to take stock. The expectations placed on this generation of entrepreneurs to come up with sustainable answers to the economic crisis and the associated deep structural upheavals are high.

Fields of opportunities

When it comes to entrepreneurial action, there are no limits to the possibilities. Whether in classical sectors of the economy, in less familiar industries, or within public structures or segments not generally seen as part of the economy – entrepreneurial thinking and action often goes unnoticed and is at the same time extremely productive. Such covert entrepreneurial activity must be made visible.

Entrepreneurial environment

Entrepreneurs always act in context, and under the conditions imposed by political, social and societal freedoms and restrictions. The dynamic of social change unlocks countless entrepreneurial opportunities, while a tightening state-regulatory corset threatens to constrict the scope of innovative and creative activity.

For more details, please refer to this website: http://www.stgallen-symposium.org


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