Baby VOX

Baby V.O.X.

1. Kim E-Z

Kim Eiji (also known as Kim EZ, born February 3, 1980) is a former member of the Korean girl group Baby V.O.X.
2. Lee Hee Jin

Lee Hee Jin (Korean: 이희진; born February 21, 1980) is a former member of Baby V.O.X.
3. Kan Mi Youn

Kan Mi Youn (Hangul: 간미연, Hanja: 簡美妍 born February 2, 1982) is a K-pop singer. She was the lead singer in the popular girl group Baby V.O.X from 1998 to 2006. After the group’s breakup, she became a solo singer.
4. Shim Eun Jin

Shim Eun Jin (Korean: 심은진; born February 6, 1981) is the former leader of Baby V.O.X. She was the first to leave the group at the end of 2004, publicly stating that she did not agree with the direction their record company DR Music was heading. Disappearing for a time, she re-emerged at the end of 2005 with her first solo album, Zeeny’s. The first track, “Oopsy”, was a sexy dance number, allowing Shim to showcase her sexy dance moves (which is what she was known for during her time as a Baby V.O.X member). She then moved on to a ballad as her second single, although it was not promoted heavily. Sales of the album were mediocre, although not abysmal. While promoting her album, she was on various variety shows, but she has not had any public activities for most of 2006. She is officially working on her next album, although there are no reports as to when it will be released.

In November 2006, Shim launched her clothing line, Z’BAGO [1].

5. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun-Hye (Korean: 윤은혜, Hanja: 尹恩惠, born October 3, 1984) is a South Korean actress, singer, entertainer and model. She debuted as a member of the popular girl group Baby V.O.X, staying with the group from 1999 – 2005. She has since moved on to acting, receiving popularity and fame from her role as a crown princess on the drama Princess Hours, as well as her role as the main protagonist in the drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

In addition to her acting and singing, Yoon Eun-Hye graduated from Kyung Hee Cyber University in February 2007, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Tourism Management.

Baby V.O.X. Re. V.

Baby Vox Re.V (name variations include BABYVOX Re.V and Baby V.O.X Re.V) is a K-pop music group, being the descendant group of Baby V.O.X. The group’s subtitle “Re.V” stands for Renaissance Voices[1]. Baby Vox Re.V was revealed on December 26, 2006, and like the original group, there is one lead vocalist, three “sub-vocalists”, and a singer/rapper.


  • Ahn Jin Kyoung (안진경): lead singer for the group and originally part of girl group To-Ya.

Name: Ahn Jin Kyeong
Role In Group: Lead Vocal
Birthday: March 20th, 1983
Height: 168cm (5 feet, 4.5 inches)
Weight: 48kg (105 pounds)
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents and older sister
Education: DanKook University; acting; is still attending
Hobbies: Cooking, making paper flowers, cross-stitching, web shopping
Speciality: Japanese language, singing trot songs
Favorite Music Style: R&B, House
Favorite Artists: Pussycat Dolls, Usher, Christina Aguilera, BoA
Favorite Food: Rice noodles, sushi, Sam Kyoub Sal
Favorite Features: She is a warm person (caring)
Nickname: Jin Gengii, 30 Mega (given by other members because of bad memory)
Ideal Type of Man: Warm-hearted and competent
Before BABYVOX Re.v: She was in a three woman band called To-Ya

  • Hwang Yeon Kyeong (황연경): the 2nd main vocal

Name: Hwang Yeon Kyeong
Role In Group: Vocals
Birthday: September 5th, 1985
Height: 169cm (5 feet, 4 inches)
Weight: 46kg (101 pounds)
Blood Type: B
Family: Parents and a younger sister
Education: Seoul Broadcasting School; has taken leave of absense
Hobbies: Practicing singing and practicing expressions, vocal mimicry
Speciality: Photography, acting, martial arts
Favorite Music Style: Rock, R&B, hip-hop
Favorite Artists: The Pussycat Dolls, Fly to the Sky, Cherry Filter
Favorite Foods: Chicken, tuna, cheese
Favorite Features: White skin, her mouth
Nickname: Yang Geng
Ideal Type of Man: White skin, beautiful smile, generous

  • Oh Min Jin (민진): rapper, former member of the Japanese band, Zenith.

Name: Oh Min Jin
Role In Group: Vocals / Rap
Birthday: October 5th, 1983
Height: 171cm (5 feet, 6 inches)
Weight: 50kg (110 pounds)
Blood Type: B
Family: Parents and a younger sister
School: Dankook University
Hobbies: Watching movies
Special Skills: Pansori (Traditional Korean narrative songs)
Favorite Music Genre: R&B
Favorite Musicians: Ann
Favorite Food: Korean food
Nickname: Cho
Ideal Type of Man: Respectful and taciturn

  • Park So Ri (박소리): sub-vocal

Name: Park So Ri
Role In Group: Vocals
Birthday: September 18th, 1991
Height: 167cm (5 feet, 4 inches)
Weight: 49kg (108 pounds)
Blood Type: A
Family: Parents and an older brother
School: Moon Song High School
Hobbies: Yoga
Special Skills: Jazz dance
Favorite Music Genre: Ballad
Favorite Musicians: Lee Hyo Ri
Favorite Food: Bread, snacks
Nickname: Little Ann Jin Kyeong
Ideal Type of Man: Good-looking guy in my dream

  • Yang Eun Ji (양은지): is the sister of a famous actress Yang Mi Ra. main vocal

Name: Yang Eun Ji
Role In Group: Vocals
Birthday: May 14th, 1984
Height: 170cm (5 feet, 5 inches)
Weight: 52kg (114 pounds)
Blood Type: O
Family: Unknown, but has at least one sister
Education: Dong-A University; She studies broadcasting; has taken a leave of absense
Hobbies: Music, movies and magazines
Speciality: Swimming, playing the piano
Favorite Music Style: Ballads, R&B, jazz, pop
Favorite Artists: Beyonce, Utada Hikaru
Favorite Food: Anything with chicken, sushi
Nickname: Yangyang, Yanggi, Yang Yangii
Favorite Feature: Being a Christian, being sincere and being a person one can trust
Ideal Type of Man: Christian, honest and can rely on



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