[MMS]Summary on 11/17/09

Summary MMS on 11/17/09

Choosing a General Attack Strategy

Designing Competitive Strategies (Continue on 11/12/09)

Choosing a Specific Attack Strategy

  • Price-discount
  • Lower price goods
  • Prestige goods
  • Product proliferation
  • Product innovation
  • Improved services
  • Distribution innovation
  • Manufacturing cost reduction
  • Intensive advertising promotion

3- Market-Follower Strategies

  • Innovative imitation
    (Product imitation)
  • Product innovation
  • Four Broad Strategies:





4- Market-Nicher Strategies

High margin versus high

Nicher Specialist Roles

  • End-user specialist

Value-added reseller

  • Vertical-level specialist
  • Customer-size specialist
  • Product-feature specialist
  • Job-shop specialist
  • Quality-price specialist
  • Service specialist
  • Channel specialist
  • Specific-customer specialist
  • Geographic specialist
  • Product or product-line specialist

Balancing Customer and Competitor Orientations

u Competitor-centered company

u Customer-centered company


~ by Rithy Pheath on 12/01/2009.

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