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What is Being an Idol?


It’s all started with S.E.S, FIN K.L and Baby Vox (sorry if I left out some others that I don’t really know, that means that group isn’t that idol enough to be mentioned here). I’m being frank, just like people reporting in ‘allkpop.com’ that definitely have their own bias over some entertainers. Duh, then you call it as news. What a shame!

You have Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and Kara surpassing those three legends’ (S.E.S, FinKL and Baby Vox) victorious fame. Well, I shall say, they started of weaker than how they are today, of course but that brings them the more powerful image. Look at how successful Wonder Girls. Most Koreans and Malaysians(to be exact the girls) like Wonder Girls more than Girls’ Generation. However, as times flew by, more Korean teenagers are now addicted to Girls’ Generation, especially after the ‘Gee Syndrome’. Well, I bet, seeing this has made many Malaysian fangirls agreed to the fact that Girls’ Generation has their own concept. Come along Kara, with brand new members, and cute-style. Seeing this, people started saying that Kara is copying Girls’ Generation’s concept. OK, now, which is which?


I wonder why people bother too much on their concepts? Does it matter? It’s just how they were trained and live with it. Praise if you like and shut up if you don’t. So much easier, isn’t it? Well, I know some might say that I am too biased, but hey, I like all. I may favor one more than the other, but at least, I don’t like people talk bad things about these Idol Girl Groups. Well, Brown Eyed Girl is also a well idolized group but, seeing them not doing pretty well, I couldn’t say much. It seems like GaIn is the most famous out of all, and others, I just don’t bother remembering their names and faces, so, it means that, they are not interesting enough to be called as an Idol, (as for me, and my own definition of Idol)


Next the 2009 ‘bombings’ of Yeoja Idol Groups, starting off with After School, 2NE1, 4Minutes, T-ara and some new duo groups coming up. Well, frankly speaking, After School was the pioneer of all these YeoJa Idol group 2009 session, not 2NE1. 2NE1 was said to bring the style the concept and bla bla bla… Nope, the starting point is still After School. They brought in the music concept and the fashion concept. 2NE1 and 4Minutes were just expanding it to a more funky-ish way. Don’t believe me, check them out yourselves! People then said that 4Minutes is trying to do the same thing like 2NE1, the same concept of songs and fashions. Duh people?!!! SO???!!! So what if they have the same style? They hae been trained for many years and that’s the style they chose even before they knew about 2NE1 existance. It’s so unfair to them, just because they debuted later than 2NE1 but hey, wait a minute, it’s not thet they “tiru” or “copycat”, but because they are too “ngade2″ and “gedik”. SO??? Let them be~ that’s their concept, so? Come on people, don’t be too carried away because of your fandom.

It’s not that I hate DBSK, it’s not that I don’t really care what’s SHINee’s new songs, I know, I knew, I hear and I heard. It’s just that I don’t talk about them much. It’s enough to get some information from my best friends who are fans of DBSK and FT Island and Nadea as SS501 fan. I just have to sit and talk to them just to know what’s the new and the latest adventure that those groups are heading with. It’s as simple as that.

So, even if it’s DBSK, SS501, Super Junior, Big Bang, FT Island, SHINee, 2AM, 2PM succeeded the fame of H.O.T, Shinhwa, Sech Kies and other Namja Idol Group, they will never overlap one another. They might succeed more, they might grow old together, they might left other members behind, but the fact that they are groups of Idolized men, they are who they are today.

Same goes with those who managed to succeed FinKL, S.E.S and Baby Vox, Wonder Girls who are now heading off to US and Girls’ Generation who are now leading all other Yeoja Idol groups in Korea to the stage of showing off the Girls’ Power along with, Kara, After School, 2NE1 and 4Minutes are working at the end of their sweat drops to give such a promising and inspiring stage for all of us, the fans. We adore them, because they are beautiful, we adore them because they are energetic, we adore them because we want to be like them. That’s what keeps them living even until today. That’s the reason behind all the great performances we see. The great, smooth and synchronized choreography and it has become the best out of all in Korea.


~ by Rithy Pheath on 11/29/2009.

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