Apple’s rumourware: Press does the outsourcing!

Dear Katie Cotton, Thank you for keeping those of us who cover Apple in the dark about your company’s future product plans. Sure, you and the other flacks at Apple get dinged for secretiveness. But have you ever lied to us about a wonderful idea Apple never produces? No.

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If Apple announces something, it happens. We won’t name names, but you’d kind of feel used if you had to write about, say, a gigantic touch-sensitive table computer that, years later, still hasn’t revolutionized the gigantic table industry. And then there’s Sun Microsystems.

Plus the practice of not giving reporters access to Apple’s raw ideas leaves us to guess, gossip and–ultimately–get it wrong. There’s a downside to that too, somewhere. But as a wise man once said, always grasp the knife by the handle. Speculating sells, er, sold, papers.

There’s a price that must be paid for that, in the form of a bit of journalistic penance. You see, if Apple were to blame for all the stories about netbooks, televisions, picture frames, clock radios and remote controls that never happened, we’d have some hard questions for you. Apple is not to blame, however, so we’ve got to ask ourselves this instead: a clock radio?

What were we thinking? We weren’t. End of story. So consider this an open invitation: Weigh in, shoot down, denigrate or downplay new product rumors anytime you want, anyhow you like. We’ve provided a list. Kindly click here to point, laugh and tell us why they’re never going to happen. That’s all we ask.

And no, this isn’t an effort to butter you up for access. We don’t want to know what software genius Bertrand Serlet does when not plugged into his recharging stand. We don’t care if your colleague, Steve Dowling, leads a secret double life as an ARM chip designer when not being harangued by that reporter at Dow Jones.

And we especially don’t want a one-on-one interview with your chief executive, Steve Jobs. He seems a bit intense. Also, he wears the same clothes every time we see him.

We do, however, have a project in mind that might help us get a better idea of what Apple is doing right now. We’d tell you about it, but–as we both know–that would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?



~ by Rithy Pheath on 11/18/2009.

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