[News]From MMS

1. Change time of studying.

On Monday 12 Oct, 2009 first section of Managerial Economics is Absent, he goes Italy.

Teacher of MMS change his time from Thursday 15 Oct, 2009 to Monday 12 Oct, 2009

and On Thursday 15 Oct, 2009 is no class of second section.

2. Class Quiz on Tuesday.

On Tuesday 13 Oct, 2009 first section is a every amazing class quiz.

[My Quest]

I think, it has in chapter 2 in 18th slice.

1) Attracting and Retaining Customers
Five levels of investment in customer relationship building
  1. Basic marketing
  2. Reactive marketing
  3. Accountable marketing
  4. Proactive marketing
  5. Partnership marketing
2) Determing of Customer Delivered Values

– Image Values

– Personnel Values

– Services Values

– Product Values
– Monetary Cost
– Time Cost
– Energy Cost
– Psychic Cost

3) Delivering Customer Value and Satisfaction
. Core business process
– The market sensing process
– The new offering realization process
– The customer acquision process
– The customer relationship management process
– The fulfillment management process.

~ by Rithy Pheath on 10/13/2009.

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