[ASF] Homework: Chapter 1

Homework Chapter 1: Applied Statistics for Business and Economics

MBA at NUM (Cambodia), Room: 15F, Group 12, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Reference: Miss. Eng Channy

5- Descript your own words difference between population and sample.

Population: A population is the entire collection of all
observations of interest to the researcher.

Sample: is a representative portion of the population which
is selected for study because the population is too large examined in its

6- The difference between Qualitative and Quantitative

Qualitative variables are measured nonnumeric ally

Ex: Hair color, Sex, Race,

Quantitative variables are measure numerically

Ex: Age, Height, Weight,

7- The difference continuous variables and discrete.

Discrete variable is restricted to certain values, usually whole

Ex: number of children, a
number of credits of a course of study.

Continuous variables are ones that can
take on any value without a given range.

Ex: number of population
in city, height, times……

9- The difference between descriptive and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics are the process of collecting, organizing, and
presenting data in some manner that quickly and easily describes these data.

Inferential statistics involves the uses of a sample to draw some
inference, or conclusion, about the population from which that sample was

11- Select population and Qualitative and Quantitative

Population: A number of government officials in Cambodia


Marital Status




Place of Birth



Numbers of Children



Everyday expense



12- Statistics are actually interested in populations, but they generally work with samples

Populations are too large to examine

We do waste a lot of resources like money and time to conduct the research.

Samples also help the researches to draw the result for population.



  1. Number of courses students at your school is taking this semester.
  2. Number of books your read last year.


  1. The weight of Tim Browns teammates.
  2. Weight of the contents of cereal boxes.

14- Sampling error is the difference between the unknown population parameters. The sources cause sampling error:

Mere change in the sampling process

Sampling bias that occurs when there is some tendency in the sampling process to select certain sample elements over others.


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